Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

never lose forex strategy (nflx)
Scalping system based on price and powerful strategies to protect your money from loss. the strategy works on 5 min entry at the end of prevoious candle but you have to know what you do the indi dont’ tell you when entry or exit and that guys open a trade with big lot and close after 8-10 pips works well if you know what you do 5min tf is more difficult without filter.
With a loss recovery strategy by HEDGING you always pay only the commission.
We do not use any retail methods or patterns.
All trades are BEGINNER FRIENDLY and taken based on price and market reaction.
We use an algorithmic system where we identify certain price changes and take fast profits from the market by scalping. All trades are taken based on price and market reaction. We also specialize in hedging out our trades to lose nothing but commission as financial hedgefund / banking institutions do.
I saw this Guy on Youtube scalping with 100 – 150 Lots on a 5M Timeframe. He is pretty transparent and show his Earnings. He have a pretty good Strategy and he trade on a Live Account with 500k$
I watched some videos from NLFX. It’s just a guess from me: After 5 it goes down but does not fall under point 4. After that, the candles don’t make any big movements. Every trader would now say: I go LONG and place my SL below point 4. And that’s exactly what the BIG PLAYERS are waiting for. And the guys from NLFX rely exactly on this theory. USDJPY has low spreads and TP is less than 10 pips on most trades. As I said, it’s just my guess.