Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Trend Trading – The Most Effective Strategy To Make Money In IQ Option.
Trader’s life is a long way to go to be successful. However, to get to your destination quickly, you have to choose your own path. Reversal trading and Trend trading are two opposite turns, but with the same destination.
Today, I will evaluate the trend trading so that everyone has a detailed view of it. First, you can see the video on the trading and withdrawal process when applying it in IQ Option. If you do not understand how to open an order, please scroll further to read the presentation below for more details.
A video sharing the trend trading process with the Alligator indicator.
Trend trading is following the crowd.
There is a saying “A living fish wades upstream, following the water downstream is dead fish”. This is a philosophy in life. In trading, on the other hand, following the trend, you can make a lot of money, the opposite is still profitable but it will be more difficult.
From there, I choose the easiest way to make my investment. You can look at an example when there is an uptrend, candlesticks are mostly bullish (green). So if you open a HIGHER order at that time, the odds of winning will be increased significantly.
There are many green candles in an uptrend.
Neither you nor I can resist the trend. Verifying an exact reversal point in a trend is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Then, why don’t we choose a “less difficult” method? It is simpler, when the market is in an uptrend, to open a HIGHER order, and when it’s in a downtrend, to choose a good entry point for a LOWER order.
This is both easy and money-making. So why don’t we choose it instead of the hard way to make money. Remember, we need to maximize profits, not necessarily make it difficult for ourselves.
Find a trendy entry point using the Alligator indicator.
Trend indicators are numerous but in this article, I use the Alligator indicator. Based on the indicator, you can know whether the market is in an uptrend or a downtrend. Finally, choose the retest point to open the order, which is my favorite transaction point. With a few simple operations called market setups, you can increase your odds of winning.
Stay calm while waiting for the best opportunity. That is where you have the highest probability of winning and the lowest risk.
Review trading orders using the Alligator indicator in IQ Option.
1st order: Uptrend + The price tested the support zone => Opened a HIGHER order with an expiration time of 15 minutes for $200.
Opened orders following the trend in IQ Option.
Result: I won and earned a profit of $156.
2nd order: Uptrend + The price tested the support with a Bullish Pin Bar candlestick = > Opened a HIGHER order with an expiration time of 20 minutes.
Opened orders following the trend in IQ Option.
Result: I won a profit of $158.
To conclude.
Two orders are enough for 1 week because I don’t spend all my time making money in IQ Option. I still have other main jobs in my present life. Sometimes, I encounter great orders while resting, that’s when I “take action”. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose because I have already accepted the risk in the beginning.
This review is short, but I want it to leave you with a sense that trading more is not necessarily good. “Less is better”. Just like this article, it is short but enough for you to understand. Do not be engrossed in front of the screen looking for a profit but forget the good things around.