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5 Most Successful Forex Traders in Kenya.
As the online forex industry continues to take Kenyans by storm, there has emerged among us some successful forex traders. These traders have proved that it is indeed possible to not only trade and profit but also become millionaires by investing in online forex trading.
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Below are the 5 most successful forex traders in Kenya:
Patrick Mahinge Ken Githaiga Paul Mugenda Silah Obegi Sylvia Muchai.
Successful Forex Traders in Kenya.
Started Trading: 2014 Founded: Kenya Forex Firm Net Worth: Private.
Started Trading: 2008 Founded: Jay Forex Trading School Net Worth: Private.
Started Trading: 2014 Founded: Paris Fx Kenya Net Worth: Private.
Started Trading: 2012 Founded: Nairobi School of Forex Net Worth: Private.
Started Trading: 2014 Founded: Sylvia’s Trading Lounge Net Worth: Private.
1. Patrick Mahinge.
Preferred Broker: LiteForex.
Started Trading: 2014.
Patrick Mahinge is the founder of Kenya Forex Firm, the number one forex trading school in Kenya. As a self-taught forex trader, Patrick has proved that it is indeed possible to learn how to trade forex and become a millionaire.
Patrick hails risk management and sticking to a trading strategy as the most important keys to becoming a successful forex trader. As a matter of fact, he never enters into a trade without a stop loss in place.
Patience, trading only when there is a high probability that the trade will go his way is also a characteristic that Patrick Mahinge describes as contributing to his success in the industry.
Patrick began trading in 2012, and has been consistently profitable. In 2014, he founded the Kenya Forex Firm to assist other aspiring traders start their careers in online forex trading.
Patrick Mahinge is the richest forex trader in Kenya with an estimated net worth of about $750,000. He founded a forex trade training school to help fellow Kenyans looking for a secure and lucrative investment opportunities.
2. Ken Githaiga.
Preferred Broker: HotForex.
Started Trading: December 2008.
Ken Githaiga’s journey into becoming one of the best forex traders in Kenya is a story of persistence and unending learning. This is a story that every aspiring forex trader can relate to.
From the moment that Ken left college in 2008, he had a nagging feeling that he didn’t want to end up in a 5-9 office job. His quest was to work and earn money online but he at first didn’t know what kind of work he could find online.
After many weeks of searching and consulting, Ken Githaiga heard of online forex trading and the opportunities it offered to make money online in Kenya.
Making money with online forex trading was particularly attractive to Ken as he learned that he didn’t have to spend too many hours on the computer as is with the case with other online jobs such as content writing.
From the moment he heard about online forex trading, Ken was determined to become one of the most successful forex traders in Kenya. What followed was a journey of learning, consulting, and trading on demo accounts. Most of his knowledge was acquired from reading web articles on websites such as and watching YouTube videos.
Ken has recently started the Jay Forex Trading School where he trains aspiring forex traders how to become better forex traders. Ken Githaiga net worth has not been made public.
Ken Githaiga’s networth could be around $96,000. He founded the Jay Forex Trading School which has been doing quite well since its launch in 2020.
3. Paul Mugenda (Founder Paris Fx Kenya)
Preferred Broker: Deriv (Formerly Binary.Com)
Started Trading: 2014.
In his mid-20s, Paul Mugenda is already a very successful forex trader and a mentor for so many aspiring beginners in Kenya. But like every other trader on this list, Mugenda was not always like this. It took many years of toiling and learning to turn him into one of the top forex traders in Kenya.
In fact, before Paul Mugenda ever became a profitable forex trader, he had started as a tea leaves hawker in the busy Githurai 45 bus terminus and later worked as an insurance sales person to several insurance companies in Kenya.
In 2014, a friend introduced Mugenda to online forex trading. He borrowed $300 as a starting capital, but unfortunately he lost all the money after he blew his trading account. It would take him many months to finally perfect his trading strategies and become profitable.
Currently, Paul prefers to trade binary options. He has made a name for himself in the industry and is considered by many as the best binary options trader in Kenya. His company Paris Fx not only trains on how to trade binary options but also offers trade signals to interested parties at one-time fee of $350.
Paul Mugenda’s networth is undisclosed but is estimated to be around $100,000.
4. Silah Obegi.
Preferred Forex Broker: EGM Securities.
Year Started Trading: 2012.
Silah Obegi is another successful forex trader in Kenya. The graduate of a Business Management Bachelors degree from Moi University, Silah Obegi is the founder of the Nairobi School of Forex, one of the most renown forex trading schools in the country.
Silah is also the founder of MetaCapital, a finance company that offers innovative trading solutions to forex traders in Kenya.
5. Sylvia Muchai – Most Successful Female Forex Trade in Kenya.
Started Trading: 2014.
Sylvia Muchai is the real definition of pushing boundaries, and it is quite impossible to not admire her drive and charisma.
Her forex trading journey began as soon as she graduated from Kenyatta University with a bachelors degree in Finance. It was a journey, however, that was paved with peril. To start with, she blew her first $250 trading account barely 5 days after opening it. But that did not dampen her hopes of becoming a millionaire forex trader.
Day after day, for two straight years, Sylvia sought information of how to become a successful forex trader in Kenya. She read numerous trading books, devoured the BabyPips trading ecourse, opened numerous demo accounts, and attended trading seminars both online and offline.
During her initial trading years, Sylvia faced discouragement from forex trading mentors who would ask for an arm and a leg to teach her how to trade. The fees quoted would go to the upwards of $2,500. Even if she really wanted to learn how to trade, there was no way this fee was forthcoming. It was simply too much.