Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Binary options strategy on a timeframe of 1 -15 min.My method.
Hello, friends. I want to tell you in more detail about how the strategy works and on what principle I work. The trading system consists of two indicators, in the screenshot I marked the indicators with numbers 1.2.
Indicators help to see the moment of the price reversal and, therefore, the moment when it is best to open a position and, therefore, close it. I have been using this system for a long time to work with binary options, the results are quite satisfactory to me. And that’s why I want to tell you in more detail about the principle of the trading system. Learn more about each indicator :
1. Stochastic Pro Binary (the indicator is based on stochastic and moving averages, I chose the optimal values for the indicator to give more accurate signals about the state of the price) in the screenshot it can be seen that there are upper and lower zones marked in red and green, respectively . A buy signal (opening a position in long) appears when 1. on the blue dotted line, the distance between the points decreases 2 .both lines (blue dotted and red solid ) are located behind the lower green border. 3 the blue dotted line intersects the red solid line outside the green area. It is necessary to close a position according to the strategy conditions when such a situation repeats, but already outside the red zone . There you already need to open a sell position (in short).
2. Binary Options Pro Trade 3 is also an auxiliary tool and shows very well the strength of the price and the moment when these forces end . How it works ; if you look at the screenshot then you will see green and red bars, the signal to enter a trade (opening a position, for example, to buy) is when the red bars went beyond the lower red zone, and then began to lose their strength, become shorter and return back to the middle yellow zone, changing their color to green . accordingly, the reverse situation will be a signal to sell . The main thing to understand is that for a reliable signal, you need to wait for the conditions on the indicators marked in the screenshot with the numbers 2 and 3 (the indicator under the number 1 serves for a clearer vision of the trend directions and understanding of what the market mood is ) The timeframe I recommend using 1 hour is what Forex is about . The strategy can also be used on binary options for at least 5 minutes.