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Forex Affiliate marketing is similar to the other affiliate marketing methods. Works with an affiliate link and also your id number, which could be typed when a user registering. It’s a competitive market, but millions of potential clients are still looking for reliable brokerage firms.
What is Introducer Broker in forex? – IB vs Affiliate.
You know what affiliate is. If you have a website or any other channel to promote a product or service, you just put your links and wait to get some conversions. Introducer Broker is basically one more step higher than affiliate. Becoming IB means adding more value to the clients and your partner brokerage firm. It represents a long-term relationship — also, better commission rates. If you are an affiliate, the agreement will be mostly based on only CPA model.

What is CPA in Forex?
CPA is known as Cost-Per-Acquisition or Cost-Per-Action. In forex, CPA deals are quite high. The average CPA payout is around $500. But the conditions are a little bit hard. First, a client should register through your link, fund his/her account, start trading and finally you get the CPA offer. This is the only and max payout you can get from a single client. But in the Revenue Share model, the payouts are lifetime (unlimited).

What is the maximum CPA offer?
As we said, the average CPA offers are around $500. But when the conditions get complicated and tough, you may get better CPA offers from brokers. What that’s mean? When a client registers with your link and funds the account for $1,000 you can get a $500 commission. But if you want a higher CPA offer, your client has to achieve more goals like funding $3000 and trading at least 10 lots.

How can I see my statistics?
Every brokerage firm has its own web dashboard. Some of them share quite transparent data, but some don’t. Generally, you will see how many clients clicked your link, how many of them funded and what commission you earned.

When can I withdraw my profits?
In general, payments are made on a weekly basis and the withdrawal limit is around $50-100.
Are there any requirements to become an affiliate?
It’s totally free to apply to an affiliate program. But the affiliate manager will ask how you will refer clients to the brokerage firm. So basically, you have to have a website, social media account, instant messaging group or direct relationships with the investors.
How can start to earn money?
After making your plan, you are free to use any platform. Websites, blogs, forums, social media platforms, e-mail marketing, PPC (except brand keywords) or any other method. They are all allowed and the shortest cookie duration is 1 month. If you share valuable content and trading signals, you can make a good amount of money.

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