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3 Popular Exit Strategies for forex trading on IQ Option.
Knowing when to enter the trade is very important but this is not the only thing the traders should focus on. Having a good exit strategy also influences your trading performance. You have to finish the trade at the right time if you want to end up winning. So today, I will discuss three exit strategies that you can use while trading forex on the IQ Option platform.
3 popular exit strategies for forex traders.
The strategies you will read about in this article are the most commonly used by forex traders. Their purpose is to help you get out of the trade just at the right moment. These strategies are:
Setting a stop loss using support and resistance levels; Setting a dynamic stop loss; Using the ATR to place a stop loss.
Setting a stop loss using support and resistance levels.
Setting a stop loss will help you in not such an easy task of controlling your emotions. Without a stop loss placed, you can feel fear and anxiety when the transaction begins to lose money. With a stop loss, you decide how much you are ready to risk beforehand and you will not lose more than that.
It is proved that establishing a risk to reward ratio 1:1 at minimum is one of the contributions to being successful in trading.
So consider how much capital you have and how big lost you can take. Place a stop loss at this level. Place the target at a distance of at least as many pips. The transaction will be closed automatically when the price reaches either one of the preset levels.
It is quite common to use resistance and support levels to determine the stop loss and take profit. For long positions, a stop loss is usually set somewhat below the support while take profit is set around the resistance level. Support and resistance are the levels that the price approaches frequently and you can expect it will reach these levels again in the near future.
The classic approach of setting SL above price resistance for short positions.
When maintaining short positions, a stop loss is normally placed slightly above the resistance level and take profit can be set around the nearest support. It is important to have a target at least equal your stop loss.
Setting a dynamic stop loss.
A moving average is customarily used to determine the direction of the trend on the price chart. It is said there is an uptrend whenever the price bars develop above the moving average. When the price runs below the moving average, there is a downtrend in the prices. This information tells the traders whether they should look for opportunities to buy or sell.
There is another piece of information you can get from the moving average. When it crosses the price bar, the change in the trend direction is very likely to happen. That is when the traders would like to close their transactions. So when you place a dynamic stop loss based on the simple moving average your position will be closed on time.
Dynamic Stop Loss with the SMA(30)
In the exemplary chart above, there was a long position opened when the price broke through the resistance. The stop loss was set at the simple moving average level. The price bars continue to develop above the moving average meaning there is the uptrend. A trader should move the stop loss accordingly.
Using the ATR to place a stop loss.
The ATR stands for the Average True Range and is an indicator that measures the volatility of the market. It takes the average range between the low and the high for the last 14 candlesticks and you can use information about the random market movements to place stop loss and take profit.
To add the ATR to your IQ Option chart click on the Chart analysis icon and find a group of volatility indicators. The Average True Range will be among them in the list that will appear on the right side. Click on it and it will be added to your chart.
How to add the ATR on IQ Option.
When the value of the ATR is bigger, the volatility is higher. The stop loss should be set wide. Otherwise, it could close the position too early. When the ATR shows lower volatility, the stop loss will be automatically smaller and connected to current market conditions.
You should set a stop loss just above 100% of the ATR. The take profit should be placed at a minimum the equal distance from the point of the trade entry. You can use the ATR to help you determine the stop loss level on any time frame.
The local maximum of an ATR can be used as an initial Stop Loss.
Your success in trading not only lies in finding the best points to enter the transaction. Knowing when it is best to close the trading position is no less important.
Setting a stop loss protects your capital against excessive losses. I have described 3 strategies for exiting the transaction while trading forex on the IQ Option platform. You can simply use the resistance and support lines to determine where to place a stop loss, place a dynamic stop loss with the moving average or use an extra indicator called the Average True Range.
Include the exit strategy in your trading plan. This will help you to maintain discipline and to build trading confidence.
Try different strategies on the IQ Option demo account. You can practice in the risk-free environment and decide which strategy works best for you. Tell us how you deal with closing the trading position at the right time.